In Need of Enthusiastic Volunteer Blog Contributors

Are you interested in gaining real-world writing and WordPress experience while adding some bylines to your portfolio? Do you love music? If so, you may be a great fit to be a guest blogger/contributor for the Music to My Ears blog!

This opportunity is UNPAID, as this is currently just a hobby blog for me. However, it offers these benefits:

  • Your byline and bio will appear on any posts you write that I publish.
  • You have the ability to write as little or as much as you want after writing one post.
  • You gain an instant audience of my blog subscribers as well as my LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter connections. That means you have the opportunity to have your content in front of over 1,000 people right away.
  • You get to write for a blog with a GREAT SEO score on Ubersuggest that has achieved SEO ranks as high as 5 in the UK and 6 in the US. We have also received 41 backlinks.
  • When I share your post, I will give you a shoutout on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter if you share your handles with me.
  • Your post will also be shared on the official MTME Facebook and LinkedIn pages. A Twitter page may be coming soon.
  • You can say that you write for my blog on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • I will provide you with a LinkedIn recommendation, a client review or a reference if needed. I’ll even send some LinkedIn endorsements your way if that’s your sort of thing.
  • You gain real-world writing and WordPress experience!
  • You get to write about something you’re passionate about.
  • This is the big one: You retain ALL ownership rights to your content. If you want something removed at any time, I will take it down. You can also feel free to share your content far and wide (just be sure to use a canonical link!) wherever you want to.

There are only a couple of requirements to write for my blog:

  • You have to write in English. The style doesn’t matter, because I will edit every post before publishing, but you must write well enough in English that I don’t have to change everything in your post. I won’t send you feedback (because I hate editor feedback), but if you WANT advice on improving your writing, let me know! EXPERIENCE IS NOT NECESSARY.
  • You need to have super basic web editing skills. I just need you to be able to understand how to write a draft in WordPress and send it in for review. I can handle the rest. If you want to learn more…again, just let me know!
  • You must write with a positive slant. I’ve been including subtle “cons” in my reviews lately, but all in all, you should write about music-related things that make you happy. I don’t want you coming on here to diss some artist or song. Everything should have an optimistic or positive bend to it whenever possible.
  • You need to write about music. You can write reviews, discussions, opinion pieces, or informational articles about ANY music-related topic you choose. All songs, artists, instruments, bands and genres are open for posting! I even write about music-themed movies, so you are more than welcome to do that, as well.
  • You need to write at least one post. If you want to treat this as a one-off guest post opportunity, that is perfectly fine by me. However, I am not going to take the time to onboard you and get you set up in the system if you aren’t going to answer emails and submit at least one draft. I’m only looking for 200+ words on music.

How to Apply

Visit our contact page and send a message letting me know that you want to apply to write for the blog. If you have links to an online resume/CV or writing samples, include them in the box! Otherwise, I will ask for attachments on my reply email if I feel the need. I hope to hear from you soon! -Lindsey Flagg, Founding Editor