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Sleeping with Sirens’ Top Songs

Ever since 2009, punk rock boy band Sleeping With Sirens has captivated audiences with their awe-inspiring lyrics, personality, and approach to music. The tremendous talent of vocalist Kellin Quinn,  guitarists Jack Fowler and Jesse Lawson, bassist Justin Hills, and drummer Gabe Barham gained enough recognition that metalcore label Rise Records signed them and released their debut album, With Ears To…

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Music for a Writer’s Ears

My non-writer friends often ask me: “Do you get writer’s block?” (Who doesn’t?) “How do you just sit down and write? (Chair? Check.) Or, “What do you really do when you’re writing?” (Um…) But let’s talk about writer’s block, shall we? I’ve heard all the remedies: just write words on a page; skip around your…

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Remembering The Maroon 5 2018 Tour

I became a “Marooner” as a high school senior. I’ve been dreaming of attending a Maroon 5 concert since college – it is actually physically written down on my “To-Do” list (I don’t consider this a Bucket List, since I have decided it is a little weird to be thinking about the end of life…

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CMT’s Nashville and My Rediscovery of Country Music

Let me start today’s post by saying I’ve never been anti-country music. The thing is, I consider myself to be a music lover, not a some-types-of-music-that-I-like lover. So I’ve made it my goal to remain open-minded to all kinds of music, including ones that I wouldn’t traditionally listen to. With that in mind, I’ve always…

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