I was as excited as any other MIKAFreak when I heard that the singer-songwriter was releasing a new single today, titled “Yo Yo.”

Up until now, the most any of MIKA’s fans had heard of the new song came from hearing it play at the end of his concerts during the For The Rite of Spring 2022 North American Tour presented by Indeed, which ended late last month. Any announcement of a new single is a sign that even more good things are coming where a favorite artist is concerned—and who wouldn’t want to hear new songs by MIKA?! “Yo Yo” is a treat for pop and dance music lovers of all ages that can keep all of his veteran fans happy and introduce new listeners to his unique yet highly relatable repertoire.

I am happy to say that “Yo Yo” is already on my list of favorite songs. It has a dance-worthy pop sensibility that reminds me of some of Maroon 5’s newer releases (think “Lost” or “Nobody’s Love”) as well as parts that make me think of one of my favorite A R I Z O N A songs, “Where I Wanna Be.” I truly find it to be a good sign any time I can compare a song to other favorites of mine, especially ones that have a permanent spot on my playlists.

MIKA lends his unique vocal style to “Yo Yo” in a way that many modern pop artists do not. His voice and tone move up and down to the beat, playing with the yo yo theme as well as the references to being “on the beat.” MIKA’s clever lyricism and impressive vocal technique are alive and well here, even as he tries a sound that is somewhat new for him.

MIKA recently said that this song is about resisting heartbreak. You’ll see what he means—and how inspiring the way he tackles heartbreak can be—when you hear the song for yourself.

If you like the type of pop songs that make you want to dance, you’ll love “Yo Yo.” It’s also a fantastic introduction to MIKA’s catalog if you are new to his music and want to begin to explore his tracks and see what they’re all about. On the other hand, if you are already a huge fan of songs by MIKA, you won’t want to miss his latest track and the new musical inspiration that it provides.

What To Do Next:

Stream and Purchase “Yo Yo.”

Visit MIKA‘s new website.

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What do you think of this new piece of MIKA music? Let us know in the comments below!

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