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If you are at least somewhat familiar with MIKA’s music (which, honestly, isn’t all that likely if you are a US reader, which means you should check out my last post about MIKA’s best songs), you probably know his definitive hits, such as “Lollipop,” “We Are Golden,” and the now TikTok-famous “Grace Kelly.”

However, unless you’re a die-hard fan, you probably aren’t aware of some of the Lebanese-British singer-songwriter’s lesser-known songs. Today, I’m going to list a few of my favorite more-hidden gems from MIKA’s body of work in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

1. “Rio”

“Rio” by MIKA on YouTube.

Not to be confused with the Duran Duran track of the same name (another favorite of mine), “Rio” is an ode to escaping from yourself in an exotic and exciting place. It also happens to be undeniably catchy, with that throwback vibe that pops up in many MIKA songs and makes them one-of-a-kind.

2. “Step With Me”

MIKA performing “Step With Me” live.

“Step With Me” is, in a word, adorable. It’s pure, sweet, romance pop, with very little of the clever bite that many other MIKA songs display. That isn’t a bad thing, it just makes “Step With Me” interestingly different from MIKA’s usual style and one of those songs that mushy pop fans will love.

3. “Without Her”

Mika performing “Without Her” live.

This is a cover of the Harry Nilsson song, but I enjoyed it so much and it seems to get so little attention that I felt it needed to be on this list. At times, MIKA sounds shockingly like Nilsson, while other parts of the live track are undeniably MIKA in sound and style, making it a valid entry to the MIKA repertoire.

4. “Domani”

MIKA performing “Domani” live.

“Domani” is more or less the Italian version of one of my favorite MIKA songs, “Tomorrow,” though the lyrics are not identical at all. These two tunes have taken on a special meaning in my life separate from their original theme, as I struggle with worrying about the future on a near-constant basis. As a result, “Domani Pensaci Domani” has become the tagline of our writing team. In any case, there’s something special about the sound of “Domani” that makes it even more of a must-hear track to me than “Tomorrow” is.

5. “Live Your Life”

Music video for “Live Your Life” by MIKA.

No one talks about “Live Your Life” much, but I love it and the music video, which serves as an advertisement for San Miguel Beer. It’s just all-around MIKA fun.

Hungry for more? Here are some honorable mentions to dig into: “Tah Dah,” “Cry,” “Ready To Call This Love,” and “Lonely Alcoholic.”

What are some of your favorite random MIKA tracks? Let us know below!

Important Note: This post has been approved by my niece Olivia, a self-described MIKA Superfan who adores everything about the pop star.

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