Yes, it is upon us again. Today is Adam Friedman’s 31st birthday. Which means my 31st birthday is less than three years away, which is super weird to think about.

Happy Birthday to him! I caved and posted a stock birthday photo. At least isn’t some lactose-filled cake. I can’t share the same picture of me and AF every year. Unless I stick it right here anyway:

Oh look! There’s me and him. (April 19th, 2017 @ House of Blues Chicago. Photo by Amy Alder.)

I have different glasses. He has a different watch. We aren’t six feet apart (one of the main reasons I like the picture). Times have changed, and time has changed us all.

Anyway, listen to some Adam Friedman songs to celebrate, please. Or at least something he wrote or produced. This is my one vulnerable/casual post of the year, so give me some credit!

Also make a wish because I posted this at 11:11 on 11/11. We could all use some wishes granted and some good luck.

See you later this month with some more fun content!

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