MIKA’s 5 Best Songs

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Lebanese-British singer-songwriter MIKA (or Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.). Mika’s songs are unique and a complete delight to the ear. While he has a number of fantastic tunes for music lovers to enjoy, I am going to share my five favorites so you can get a real feel for his musicality and artistic style.


“Lollipop” might be MIKA’s most widespread and popular song. It was even featured in the hit film Pitch Perfect 2. This is a fun and out-of-the-ordinary tune that lovers of sugar-sweet pop with a bite should appreciate. It makes for a great introduction to MIKA’s catalog.

“Dear Jealousy”

Dear Jealousy” is a very human, very relatable track that has an irresistible 80’s vibe. If you’ve ever felt jealousy over anyone or anything, this just might be your new anthem. This is one of MIKA’s newest tunes, which is reassuring. It shows that he hasn’t lost his artistry over the years.

“Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)”

This song predates the “All About That Bass” era of celebrating larger body types, which is impressive in and of itself. However, its the tune’s uplifting, empowering, and irresistibly catchy sound that really makes it stand out.

“Origin of Love”

Origin of Love” manages to mix Queen and Enya vibes. I love it. Its clever lyricism makes excellent use of metaphor and simile to demonstrate the power of love…and how it can be a positive and negative influence on one’s life at the same time.


This song is more classic and subdued than many of MIKA’s other tunes, but it is very catchy and enjoyable, nonetheless. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys that throwback, Eric Clapton-style sound in music. I typically don’t, but it works here because MIKA is very talented. I actually count “Lola” among my favorite songs.

Here are a few honorable mentions to check out once you’ve decided to listen to more MIKA: “Love Today, ” “I See You,” “Blue Eyes,” “Talk About You,” and “Staring at the Sun.”

Have any favorite MIKA songs that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments!

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Lindsey Flagg

Lindsey is the founding editor of Music to My Ears. She holds her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Purdue University Northwest. When she isn't writing, she can usually be found making a fool of herself singing karaoke or creating sappy poetry.

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