Review of A R I Z O N A Live from Lakehouse Studios

jenniferlinneaphotography from Denver, CO, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I recently had the pleasure of watching my favorite music group, A R I Z O N A, perform live from Asbury Park, New Jersey in the comfort of my own home. I’ve really been enjoying all of the livestream performances that I’ve been lucky enough to view since COVID-19 changed the fabric of our lives, but this A R I Z O N A performance from April 24th, 2021 has been my favorite thus far. Let’s delve into some of the highlights, shall we?

The Lighting

The lighting and overall appearance of this live performance was the best I’ve seen since I’ve started watching live streams. I was able to record clips through my iPhone and have them turn out more clearly than they would have in-person. That’s how great the quality was! This performance was about as high-definition as I could hope for on my oldish TV set. The lamps on stage and their related lighting made for a unique experience, as well.

The Music

This A R I Z O N A performance was jam-packed with all of their catchiest songs. Somehow, the band managed to fit every song from their second album, ASYLUM, and most songs from their first album, GALLERY, into a set that was barely longer than an hour. They also treated fans to a great surprise: a rare live performance of “Take Her Place,” a song by Don Diablo featuring the band that I and, apparently, many other fans count among their favorites.

The second half of the set was all stripped-down versions of some of A R I Z O N A’s best songs, a refreshing approach that isn’t often seen in live performances where a set this large is concerned. Die-hard fans certainly must have enjoyed this set. I know I did. Newer fans most likely developed a greater appreciation for this alt pop group. It should be mentioned that the audio quality was exceptional, as well.

The Overall Experience

Once again, A R I Z O N A delivered a truly entertaining concert experience that I would be happy to relive again and again. Lead singer Zachary Hannah connected with the audience over our shared, strange COVID-19 experience as humans in 2021, as every lead singer has successfully done in each livestream I’ve watched over the past few months.

The entire experience was smooth and enjoyable, with a global chat option and an easy-to-use video player. The performance also remained available on-demand for a week, which is longer than I’ve seen for any other performance. This benefit was much appreciated.

While I hope that live stream performances will soon be the exception to the rule where concerts are concerned, performances of this caliber would make it very enjoyable to watch live music at home for years to come.

Let me know what you think of my post below!

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