Livestream Concert Recap

Happy November! I’m here for a special extra post. I recently watched two livestream concerts from the comfort of my home (and at very affordable prices!) and wanted to recap them with you. This is a unique opportunity during a depressingly unique time in history, and it seemed like a good idea to share my experiences with everyone.

Future Islands, A Stream of You and Me

Date: October 9th, 2020, 9 pm CST

My Take: This was my first time seeing anything live from Future Islands, and I was very impressed with the experience. Every song was sang with the extreme emotion and enthusiasm I expect from lead singer Samuel T. Herring, and the lighting was exceptional. A few of my favorite songs were missing (namely, “Spirit”), but I got to hear some longstanding favorites and some new tunes at the same time. Herring made you feel included in a very scary and isolating time, something that only a truly gifted artist can do. I only wished the concert was a bit longer!

A R I Z O N A, Live in Nashville

Date: October 29th, 2020, 9 pm CST

My Take: The streaming quality and, at times, sound quality left something to be desired, but the energy and quality of each song was impressive and entertaining. Almost all of my A R I Z O N A favorites and a few unfamiliar tunes were performed, and the set was pleasantly longer than Future Islands’ set. Much like Sam Herring, lead singer Zach Hannah made an effort to help the audience feel connected and secure in an uncertain time, which I’m sure was appreciated by the audience as a whole. He also reached Herring levels of emotion at times. Having some experience with livestream concerts made it easier for me to enjoy the experience, as well.

Do you know of any upcoming livestream concerts I should review? Let me know below!

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