Top 5 Future Islands Songs

Image by: Dani.rg [CC BY-SA 4.0 ( No changes have been made.

Future Islands is such a unique music group with such emotional, inspiring, creative music that I felt that it was time to devote a post to their music. And so – as you might have guessed – I’ve decided to share my 5 favorite Future Islands songs with you. Here they are:

*Spoiler* “Seasons” isn’t on this list. I love it, I just think these 5 are even more special – and besides, they are not as widespread as that song, so they need to be discussed đŸ™‚

1. “Day Glow Fire”

A truly unique track with emotion that anyone who has dealt with a painful breakup can understand.

2. “Spirit”

Three words to describe this song: inspiration is excess. Plus I could dance, workout or clean to this all day long.

3. “A Dream of You and Me”

This song tackles romance, inspiration and positivity all in one catchy and rousing package. Listen!

4. “Ran”

If you find this song too emotional and depressing, just think of it in the terms of the desperation you feel after a bad breakup with someone you really cared about. It’s powerful stuff.

5. “Sun in the Morning”

Watch this video before listening to the prerecorded version, because this really captures the beauty and unique nature of this sweet, uplifting ode to true, committed love.

What do you think of Future Islands? Tell me in the comments!

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