Positive Music

So I’ve been in a funk lately. Without getting into too many details, I keep falling into negative mindsets despite efforts not to. I was playing around with spotify.me recently – because I love it! – and it told me a very sobering fact:

The majority of my favorite music is sad!!!!

Not specifically “Sad” by Adam Friedman or Maroon 5– though they are both on there – but music that is designed to make you feel melancholy, at best (“Sad” by AF is actually an uplifting song, interestingly enough).

I’ve been reading some articles this morning, and I realized that negative music really DOES have an influence on your mood, your mindset and – perhaps most importantly – what you create and attract into your life. That’s heavy stuff. Listening to woe-is-me, break-up or me-against-the-world songs is not going to bring a bunch of great things into my life, and certainly is not going to make me a happier person.

I decided to change starting today. I would like to share my new Spotify playlist, called “Positive Stuff,” with you:


I may add and delete songs depending on how my mood changes based on listening to this stuff. Let me know what you think or how the playlist is affecting you in the comments!

P.S. You may also want to add “Be Nice” by the Black Eyed Peas to your music library. In case you haven’t already heard, Adam Friedman wrote it!



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Lindsey Flagg

Lindsey is the founding editor of Music to My Ears. She holds her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Purdue University Northwest. When she isn't writing, she can usually be found making a fool of herself singing karaoke or creating sappy poetry.

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