Is It Me, or Does It Feel Like July?

First  – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 2019 is almost here, and I hope it brings you all peace, joy and wonderful opportunities.

Second – If you don’t know anything about Kara’s Flowers, you really need to.

What is a Kara’s Flower? You may be shocked to find out that Kara’s Flowers is a mostly failed band of high schoolers that eventually became a little pop group called Maroon 5.

Yep, you heard that right. I was shocked when I found out, too. And I was also surprised to find that many of their songs were awesome, deep and could have even become classics in the right situation. Their sound is very 90’s grunge-inspired to me, but you can hear some Songs About Jane vibes in their songs.

I love to listen to a good KF song every so often – and I want to share the inspiration that their songs offer me. So here are some quick links where you can learn more about the band and their music:

Everything Kara’s Flowers Blog

Official Kara’s Flowers

(I think the above YouTube profile is just an offshoot of the Everything KF blog, but there are some unreleased gems here – including Maroon 5 songs that are extremely rare.)

Spotify Artist Page (Go here to listen to their only released album, The Fourth World):


In case anyone was wondering, my favorite Kara’s Flowers songs are:

  • My Ocean Blue
  • The Fog
  • July
  • Myself
  • Bonus Song: If You Only Knew (an early, unreleased Maroon 5 tune)

No links here – you can research all these songs at the links I already provided above 😉

What do you think of Kara’s Flowers? Let me know and enjoy the winter holidays!


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Lindsey Flagg

Lindsey is the founding editor of Music to My Ears. She holds her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Purdue University Northwest. When she isn't writing, she can usually be found making a fool of herself singing karaoke or creating sappy poetry.

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