Today is Adam Friedman‘s birthday! Thought you all should know. Happy Birthday to him! I wish my birthday was on a mirror number day, but having my favorite singer’s birthday that day will have to do.

202_1492648945181 (2)
Oh look! There’s me and him. (April 19th, 2017 @ House of Blues Chicago. Photo by Amy Alder.)

Here’s his Spotify artist page if you are interested in visiting it and saving every single one of his songs and following him:

New regular-length blog post coming next month 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Adam Friedman!

  1. Wow! My father was actually born on 11 November (although birth registrations worked so slow in the Philippines at the time so his officially recorded day was a bit later and got turned into 15 November). What a coincidence!

    I love the photo! You two looked good together, I should say.


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