My Top Three Favorite Singers (And Why)

In today’s post, I’d like to share who my Top Three Favorite Singers are. This seems to be a pretty important topic to include on any music blog, as anyone who actually is interested in what I have to say is going to want to know more about what music I enjoy the most and why. You can find a more thorough list of my most recommended singers on my Top 10 Page, but this post delves deeper into my actual Top Three than that list does by a long shot. I like to call these three the AMA Trio, for Adam-Mike-Adam, not that AMA serves any more clever meaning on its own (except it might remind people of the American Music Awards?). I want to kind of delve into WHY they are my favorite singers – with my ever-present YouTube links as “proof” of their awesomeness, of course – and explain what is so unique about them that they deserve their spots as my Top Three. Here goes!

1. *SPOILER ALERT* Adam Friedman


Genre: Indie-Pop and/or Singer-Songwriter

Fun Fact:  His birthday is 11/11 which is pretty cool. I want a mirror number/lucky number birthday like that.

It is hard to pinpoint one single thing that I think is so awesome about Adam Friedman. He is talented, he has a great voice, and he is unique in a way that I think only indie singers can be. He is also ridiculously hilarious, as anyone who follows his Instagram Story closely will know all too well. If you want to know why I find him so talented, these three YouTube links are great examples:

  1. “How Would I Know” (Oh hey look! I uploaded this video. Funny.) This was a song that Friedman apparently wrote in college, which makes it that much more impressive. I don’t even know what style this song would fall under. It’s like jazzy rock or something. (Someone with more professional knowledge of music may be able to help me there). Please check it out! If the song is never released (knock on wood), this will be one of two videos where you can hear it.
  2. “Wake Me Up” This Avicii cover (Rest in Peace) is the best I’ve heard (and I’ve heard a few, as it is one of my favorite pop songs of all time). I love how it turned something with so many techno dance beats into a more acoustic song with a slower rhythm. This was one of the first videos I saw that confirmed Friedman’s talent in my mind (and ears).
  3. “Lemonade” My very first Adam Friedman video. What an infectiously catchy live performance. This one speaks for itself, so that’s what I’m going to let it do.

P.S. I said nothing about Adam Friedman’s looks and that’s how I’m going to keep it. You have video links above to answer any pressing questions.

2. Mike Posner


Genre: Pop and R&B and Hip-Hop, although I would say his depth goes even further than that and ventures into the singer-songwriter and folk genres. He is also a talented poet.

Fun Fact: His full name is Michael Robert Henrion Posner. Like, what?! That’s one cool name.

Mikey P.!!!! As previously noted, I was the Mike Posner Fan Site’s Fan of the Month for May 2017. Not to brag. It was kind of a big deal, though. The post got one retweet and everything.* But I’m getting off-topic.

Mike Posner is not a perfect person, nor does he have all the answers. He will be the first person to admit that. But he is also a rare human being in that he does everything in his power to explore the trials and tribulations of life on Earth, as well as the goodness that humanity is capable of. In the process, he usually ends up creating masterpieces (“I try to tell it like it is and sometimes God makes it rhyme” is a good way of putting it!). From his early mixtape days to his most recent spoken word album, Posner is always delivering in ways that nourish the heart as well as the mind. I’m gonna leave you with one link and one link only to demonstrate the vastness and emotional power of his talent: my all-time favorite song, “Iris.” If you want more recommendations, let me know, because I can’t begin to demonstrate the depth of his talent in this short post.

3. Adam Levine

Website: (There’s also his 222 Records website if you’re really interested.)

Genre: Mainly Pop.

Fun Fact: This is more about me than Levine, but, I own a bunch of the clothes from his clothing line. I also own his Adam Levine perfume. Go figure.

You know what? I’m pretty sure you all know that the Maroon 5 frontman is a huge talent, so I don’t think I need to explain much here. I will leave you with a video that I don’t believe everyone has seen, and that I believe shows more talent than even I would have expected from the singer, which is Levine’s cover of “Purple Rain.” You’re welcome.

So there you have it! If any of you are interested in seeing a list of my Top Three bands or the next three singers on my list, feel free to reach out on social media or right here on my blog and let me know! I’m open to suggestions on topics, even on ones about music I’m not familiar with – I would love to expand my horizons! See you next post!

*from moi of course.



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