Mike Posner’s 5 Best Songs

Mike Posner is one of my favorite singers, which many of you may already know. But if you don’t, you are about to find out five of his best songs that helped me to become a huge fan (and May 2017’s Fan of the Month!) Here they are, in no particular order! Check them out and see what you think of my choices. Some of the links go to music videos or live performances, which is a little unique for me.

1. Jade

This song off of Posner’s second album, At Night, Alone, is just AWESOME. It is definitely a song to rock to, and the lyrics are odd in the best way – the way that makes you think on deeper levels than you have before. I have always wanted to hear Posner perform it live, but unfortunately he did not sing it at the concert I attended last year. I haven’t stopped singing this catchy, intense song in about two years. It’s that good.

2. Cooler Than Me

Most of my readers are probably familiar with what many consider Posner’s most famous song, and it has earned that reputation for good reason. I feel that “Cooler Than Me,” from Posner’s first album 31 Minutes to Takeoff, has a certain catchy, dance-friendly beat to it that just can’t be compared to any other tune, especially from the time that it was released. If this song somehow hasn’t been on your radar since its release in 2010, now’s the time to check it out!

3. Iris

Another track from At Night Alone, this song is flawless. I mean that. There’s something about the writing, the production, Posner’s heartbreaking vocals, and the overall feel of the song that makes one wonder how this song didn’t exist sooner. It seems like something the world needed. It has been my all-time favorite song since I first heard it. It makes me cry, gives me chills, and makes me feel all the other emotions that a truly wonderful song makes you feel.

4. Be As You Are

This may be the most important track on Posner’s album At Night, Alone. There is so much self-hatred in our society today. No one feels that they are good enough. Posner lets listeners know that it is okay to just open you heart and be who you are, and the beautiful, powerful melody and production make the song as beautiful as its message is. This song came out during my last semester of college, and it really helped with the stress of senior year. This is one that no one should miss.

5. Falling

This is another track off of Posner’s first album, 31 Minutes to Takeoff, and may seem an unusual choice to some. I don’t care! I love this song. There is something very calming about this piece. It makes me think of taking a drive on a rainy day in the fall (maybe “falling” makes me think of the fall or the falling rain, I don’t know). But then, just as you feel calm, the intensity of Posner’s vocals picks up, as do the background beats, and you feel the pain of yet another disappointing relationship gone sour. This may be one of the lesser known tracks on this list, so please check it out!

P.S. Check out some clips from the live Mike Posner show I saw last year on my YouTube channel (yes, there are Adam Friedman clips in here, too)!

Let me know what you think of my choices!

This post originally appeared on LiveJournalIt has been edited for timeliness.

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